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About Us

Who We Are

The Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations (AFCA or the Federation) is a city-wide association of neighborhood civic, residential, condominium and tenant associations in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

Our purpose is to serve as a means of two-way communication among member Associations about matters of common interest, supplying information to member associations and drawing upon the collective knowledge of the member groups. The Federation also represents views of the Federation before the city government when a majority of the membership takes a position on a particular issue of City process. A major activity is to assure citizen involvement and public comment on matters of general interest considered by the City and its various staff departments, City Commissions and the City Council.

What Participation Brings

Being part of the Federation provides you and your association the opportunity to:

Meet and interact with other community leaders
Contribute your ideas, needs and information
Learn about important developments and activities in Alexandria
Meet with City government officials on important concerns
Help make Alexandria a better community for all who live and work here.
We meet monthly, offering a forum for discussion of neighborhood and city-wide issues and developments. Each association is entitled to three representatives and others are welcome to attend to gain information.

Neighborhood leaders, City officials, City Council members and other community leaders either attend as members or address the group several times a year, providing dialogue on most of the issues mentioned above.

General meetings are held the last Wednesday of most months, with the exception of November (a date near Thanksgiving selected yearly) December, July and August (no meetings). Usually the meetings are at 7:00 P.M. in City Hall, Room 2000.

Please check the calendar on this website for the latest information.

Recent Meeting Topics and Activities...

A review of current and pending development projects throughout the city is given by city Planning staff. The 30 minute briefing alerts Federation delegates of proposed major developments of interest to their civic association.

September 28, 2016

Mr. Jesse Maines, Division Chief, T & ES, Stormwater Management provided an update and timeline for the City’s stormwater program, including the Chesapeake Bay clean up mandate of 2013 and the Virginia Stormwater Management program of 2014.

Council directed staff to create a draft framework; to capture stormwater program costs; create equitable funding; minimize administrative cost; and to maximize understandability.

A proposed fee framework has been proposed with billing units established for condominiums, townhouses, typical single family homes and large single family homes. Preliminary fee estimates range from $35 - $40 annually for condos; $50 - $60 for town homes; $120 - $145 for typical homes; and $200 - $242 for large homes. Credit will be considered depending on the extent of impervious are included.

Future timetable include: May, 2017 City Council consideration to adopt Stormwater Utility as part of the budget process; fall 2017 develop administrative process, May, 2018 first billing.

October 25, 2017

At the AFCA's meeting this week, Katye North provided an update on the City's review of commercial parking standards. Additional information about the project and the Task Force can be found on the project website at The City will host an Open House on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 from 7:00-8:30 PM at City Hall for the public to review the data collected as part of this study and provide feedback on the draft recommendations.

How Does This Happen?

Your participation is essential. If we are to make the voice of neighborhoods, civic associations and condominium owners heard in decisions made throughout the City that affect all of us - traffic and transportation, development, open space, schools, parks and recreation, the environment, housing, City finance and budget decisions - then we must have your participation and ideas to do this well.